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Creating High Quality Surveys
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Surveys are a core feature of almost every test type on BetaTesting. The survey builder can be used to collect UX feedback, market research feedback, or to validate participation during a test to see who participated or where they are in a given test process.

This article outlines the different features that you can use to create high quality surveys to meet your goals for any type of user research testing.

Types of Survey Questions

There are a wide range of survey questions you can add when designing your surveys. We have Base Questions, which are blank question types, and a Core Question Bank that includes templated/pre-set survey questions.

Base Questions

Base Questions include:

  • Multiple choice

  • Short text

  • Long text

  • Sliding scale

  • Ranking

  • File upload

  • Dynamic data

Core Question Bank

The Core Question Bank includes:

  • Net Promotor Score (NPS)

  • Customer Effort (CES)

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

  • Star Rating (1-5)

In the Multi-day test workflow in Advanced Mode, there are also tasks, participation verification, video uploads, and more that can be added from the Core Question Bank to create custom instructions and workflows for more unique or complex testing scenarios.

Copying and Deleting Questions

You can easily copy or delete a survey question by clicking on the icons on the left side of any question:

  • The trash can icon will delete any question

  • The two-squares icon will duplicate a survey question and its responses. You can edit the question and responses for any duplicated question like any other question.

Adding Attachments to Questions

You can easily add attachments to a question by clicking on the picture/mountain icon for any question.

This allows you to add mock-ups, landing pages, pdfs, or any other content you want testers to see related to a specific question or task.

When you add images, you will see thumbnails in your test design, and testers will be able to click on each image to expand it when they take the survey.

Survey Builder with Images Attached

Survey Results with Images in Question

Show/Hide Logic

Show/Hide logic lets you branch your survey to ask different questions to users based on the answer to an earlier question in your survey.

Show/Hide logic only works on Multiple Choice questions, and lets you select which answers should trigger a new question to be asked.

For example, if someone answers a multiple choice question with a 'No', you could ask a text question so only testers who answered 'No' would receive that question. You can activate show/hide on any question by clicking on the gear icon next to the right side of the question and selecting the 'Define show/hide logic' box.

Common Survey Templates

Our different test types come with various surveys that can be added to your test flow. The following templates are available when you design your survey.

NOTE: Each test type has different survey templates based on the goals of that test type. Not all templates below are available for every test type.

Standard UX Survey

The Standard UX Survey can be added to most test types as a way to quickly collect feedback about your product. It includes a mix of common questions about to help you collect qualitative and quantitative feedback about your products effectiveness, design, ease of use, and more.

Bug Hunt Survey

For Bug Hunt tests, you can add a Bug Hunt survey to get a larger summary of the technical aspects of your product, with questions related to how many bugs a tester found, how stable the product was, how fast it is, and more.

Participation Verification Survey

This template is designed to help collect feedback from testers to verify that they actually completed your test. It includes three standard questions, but you can add and edit the questions to meet the specific goals of your product or test.

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