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What type of survey questions can I add?
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Our survey builder is an easy way to ask different types of questions to collect feedback about your product quickly. The core question types are:

Multiple Choice / Checkbox

Multiple choice questions are the most popular question type since they provide valuable feedback that can be understood quickly with bar charts. With this question type, you can: 

  • Add as many response types as you want. 

  • Let testers only choose one option or use check boxes to select as many answers as they want..

  • You can also add an 'Other' field and let testers add their own option. 


Sliders are an easy way to get ranking questions or scale questions answered for quantitative data. You can choose the range of scores and intervals that testers can choose, as well as the labels for each end of the slider.

The data gathered from a slider question is presented in a bar chart to make it easy to understand feedback quickly.

Long Text

Long text questions are great for qualitative feedback and free form responses. Testers can add as much context as they like to share their ideas, thoughts, and feedback about your product.  

Short Text

Short text questions are best used for quick text responses from testers, such as: 

  • What three words come to mind when you use our product? 

  • What is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay per month for this app? 

  • Add a tagline for this product that we can use as part of our marketing.


Ranking questions are best used to organize a set of responses in order, such as:

  • Rank this list of features from most useful to least useful

  • What criteria do you use to determine which product you would buy?

Our system scores each ranking question to give you a final total of responses by tester.

File Upload

Ask testers to upload a file to collect screenshots or other media. 

Dynamic Data and Distribute Promo Codes

Dynamic Data sends different instructions/data to each tester - just add one record per line and it will distribute to each tester individually. It can be used for various use cases, such as:

  • Distribution of promo codes to be used during the test

  • Assigning users to different groups

  • Providing test/fake credit card numbers to simulate a real purchase during the test

To use Provide Dynamic Data task type:

  1. Click Add Data

  2. Upload a file or add the data by text. Each user that is accepted into the test gets one row

  3. Use the text box to add instructions for the testers

It is best to add 15-25% more lines of data than the number of testers you have chosen to complete your test since you may choose additional testers or onboard extra testers if some testers don't participate.

Core Question Bank

We also have core question bank questions for qualitative and quantitative questions, such as NPS scores, CSAT scores, and more that you can use to build your own surveys.

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