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How can you validate that a tester completed your test?
How can you validate that a tester completed your test?
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While BetaTesting does not integrate directly with apps and sites to validate tester participation, there are ways to ask testers to prove they participated fully and completed your tasks and instructions. You can add a Participant Verification Survey, which is a simple 3 question standalone survey to make testers prove their participation, or use the Participation Verification Question type, which adds the same 3 questions within a larger survey or set of tasks to verify participation.

Participant Verification Survey

You can add a Participant Verification Survey to your test, which comes with 3 core questions that testers have to answer after completing your tasks. Those questions are:

  1. What email, username, or phone number did you use to access the product? Include as much info as possible so we can verify your participation.

    1. You can use the email or username to validate participation from your own internal data if you choose, or look at screenshots and feedback to validate that testers did use your app thoroughly enough to share accurate feedback.

  2. Share a screenshot from the product validating that you used it - such as a successful checkout screen, a user dashboard, completed profile, messages tab, etc.

  3. Share a few sentences of feedback about the product and the testing experience to prove that you participated fully. Be specific about features, design, etc, or anything else to prove you tested it thoroughly.

To select this option, simply choose the Participation Verification Survey from the Surveys tab when you are building your test.

Participant Verification Question Type

If you are building a custom survey, such as our Standard UX survey or a series of surveys with our Advanced Workflow, you can add the same questions by selecting Verify Participation from the Core Question Bank.

This will add the same 3 questions within the survey you are building.

End of Test

At the end of each test, our system analyzes who completed a survey and recommends who should be paid for their participation. This process does not take into account the actual responses a tester gave in their survey, so you will need to review that if you want to analyze results on a tester by tester basis. This is entirely optional, as our system will still pay out everyone who is recommended for a reward if you would like to go with our recommendations.

Learn more about how Ending a Test and Paying out Testers works.

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