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Managing Live Tests and Reviewing Feedback
Communicating with testers during live tests
Communicating with testers during live tests

Learn about managing testers during a live test, sending broadcast messages, messaging specific groups of testers, and resolve bug reports.

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The below video is a demo of the core functionality for managing testers during a live test.

You are able to follow participation in real-time through your project dashboard and send messages to testers in various ways - via broadcast messages to certain groups or one-to-one with individual testers to ask follow-up questions or provide support.

When you send a message through BetaTesting, testers will receive an email notification and can respond on their own time.

Messages are an effective way to help testers reduce confusion in your test process, answer questions from testers, or send updates about new builds or specific things you want testers to focus on.

Broadcast Messages

Within the Messages tab of an active test, you will find all your conversations in one place. You can reply to messages, continue any previous conversation, or send broadcast messages.

When you send a broadcast message, there are various criteria you can choose to send to only certain participants in your test:

  • All accepted participants: everyone who has been accepted into your test

  • Finished survey X: choose a survey/task set and only testers who have finished it will get your message

  • Incomplete survey X: choose a survey/task set and only testers who have NOT finished it will get your message

  • Missed due date for survey X: choose a survey/task set and only testers who are behind and did not finish it by the due date will get the message

  • All applicants: everyone who applied to your test will get your message. This should rarely be used, as it will send messages to people who were rejected from your test and people who may be pending manual review to be accepted.

Sending Messages to Custom Groups of Testers

From the Testers tab, you can apply any filter and mark testers via checkmark and then send a message to those specific testers only:

Following up on Specific Feedback

You can also follow up with testers directly from their written responses in the Results section or create groups of testers from the Testers tab. To respond to a specific piece of feedback, select the 3-dots icon next to the user's feedback and choose 'Send Message'.

Bug Report Messages

You can also message testers one-to-one through the Bugs section if they've submitted any bug reports. You can see the full conversation and send messages at the bottom of any specific bug:

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