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Rating Tester Feedback and Removing Testers
Rating Tester Feedback and Removing Testers
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As a customer, you have the ability to manage your testers by rating their feedback and removing testers who are not providing quality feedback.

Rating Testers

During any live test, you can rate testers when you click on their profile.

  1. Select any tester to open the right sidebar with their profile.

  2. From the drop-down menu next to their name, you can choose 'Excellent, Helpful, or Okay' to rate the tester's feedback.

  3. For tester's who are not following instructions or providing very poor feedback, you also have the option to select 'Reject User', which will remove them from your test.

Before removing a tester, we recommend:

  • Sending them a message and asking them to provide better feedback

  • Giving them more time to participate in case they want to change their answers after using your product for a little longer

  • Checking to see if they've submitted a bug report. Sometimes poor feedback in a survey may be a result of not being able to answer all questions due to technical issues. These testers should not be removed since they are sharing bugs and participating as much as they can.

Removing Testers

You can also remove testers from the Testers tab by selecting the testers that should be removed and clicking on 'Remove from Test'. You will have to provide a reason for why they are being removed.

When they are removed, you also have the option to 'Remove all Feedback' and 'Reject as low-quality and exclude from future tests' by selecting the checkboxes below the message.

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