How Tester Recruiting Works

Recruit testers from our 400,000+ community, re-invite existing testers, or invite to your landing page or via email.

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For every test you create, you determine how to get testers into your test. From the 'Tester Recruiting' tab in the test builder, you have 4 different options to source your testers from. You can learn about each one in more detail below:

  1. BetaTesting Community - invite from our full audience of testers. People who meet your qualifications will be invited via email when you launch your test. We have hundreds of unique targeting criteria you can use to target your ideal consumer or professional.

  2. Your Community - people who have tested with you before from the BetaTesting community can be retargeted by choosing a past test, an individual list of users, tags, and more to select who to invite.

  3. Invite via Email - invite your own users, customers, or employees to participate in a test.

  4. Invite via URL - share a URL via email, social media, and more to invite people to join your test

This criteria only sets who will be invited to participate when you launch your test. Anyone who is invited still has to apply to participate, verify their device matches the requirements for the test, and pass any screening questions before being accepted into your test to actually receive instructions, surveys, and more.

Different ways to invite people to your test

1. Invite from BetaTesting Community

This option lets you invite people from our full tester community.

  1. Adjust and set the different demographic criteria according to your targeting requirements, including location, age, gender, income, and more.

  2. Include additional questions in the Screener tab for further refined targeting.

  3. Testers who match your demographic criteria will be invited by email and those who apply to participate and pass your screening questions will receive your test instructions and surveys

2. Re-engage your existing testers (Your Community)

This option allows you to retarget people who have participated in your tests previously. You can choose from:

  1. Your entire audience: everyone who has participated in a previous test you've run

  2. Invite from past tests: choose specific tests to only re-invite testers who participated in those tests.

  3. Invite via Tags: Only testers who match a tag you've assigned to them will be invited

  4. Invite specific testers: Select testers individually to invite

NOTE: Retargeting testers does not guarantee that they will participate again. It is up to each tester to decide if they would like to continue testing, based on incentives, timing, previous experience with your product, etc.

3. Invite via Email

Use this option to invite your own users via email. You can add email addresses as a list and your users will be invited when the test launches. They will still have to pass any screening questions you ask, and will have to onboard through BetaTesting with a username and password before getting access to your test.

4. Invite via URL

Use this option to share your test via URL within your app, on social media, or through an email newsletter to invite your audience to join your test.

Choosing the Number of Testers

Choose how many people you'd like to target for your test. We will onboard as close to your total as we can find, depending on the criteria and screening questions you set.

If you invite users via email or URL, only the number you select will be able to join the test.

Device Targeting

Select which platforms you'd like to target for the test. Testers will have to validate their devices before joining the test. You can also click on "Show device quotas" to specify how much of each platform you'd like to accept:

Demographic Targeting

Choose from hundreds of unique targeting criteria to find your target consumer or professional.

You can select from a mix of demographic targeting options, such as countries, age, education, gender, income, tech experience, and more. As you choose different options, you will see how many potential people in our audience match your requirements.

*Remember - only a small percent of that total will actually apply and participate in your test, and will have to pass your screening questions, so only add demographic targets that are important for your test needs.

How long does recruitment take?

For most tests, as soon as you launch the test and our system begins sending invites, you’ll start getting users applying within minutes, and we’ll have the entire test recruited within 24 hours.

For tests with niche targeting criteria or multiple screening questions, it can take longer - 72 hours or more. You can see the status of your recruitment on your dashboard.

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