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Paying out Testers: End of Test Process
Paying out Testers: End of Test Process
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End of Test Process

Your test will be set to end based on when you launched it and how many days you set the test duration for. The test will automatically end if it is 24 hours past the end of active testing, which is set based on the test duration defined at the start of the test.You can see your test progress on your Dashboard at any time.

You have the option to extend this date once with up to 50% more time by clicking on 'extend test' at the end of the timeline:

Ending a Test

If you want to end your test earlier, you can press the 'End Test' button on the top of your Dashboard screen.

This will only work if all testers and surveys are past their deadlines for submitting feedback. If you have any active surveys, or any testers who you extended deadlines for, you will not be able to close your test until after the deadlines have passed.

After you end your test, it will be in a review period for you to manage incentive payments.

Review Period

During the review period, our system recommends who should be paid for the test based on surveys completed. You do not have to take any action if you want our system to pay out testers who completed the test. They will automatically get paid and your card will be charged for the total and any associated fees.

You also have the option to Manually review and edit the payments you send out. By clicking on 'Manually review and edit', you are taken to the tester payments page where you can control payments.

This page will show you who is set to be paid by our system and who will not receive a reward. The Reward column shows any pending payments set to go out, and you can click on 'Mark Complete and Pay Out' to choose that tester as complete.

You can also view their feedback from different surveys directly from the Tester Completion page by clicking on the gear icon and choosing which surveys you want to review:

To select a group of testers and mark them complete together, use the checkbox selector and click on "Mark Complete".

If you want to mark a tester as Incomplete, you can use the drop-down to change their status to 'Mark Incomplete'. You have to provide a reason why they are not eligible for the reward, and this action cannot be done in bulk.

We recommend only using this option sparingly to avoid disputes between testers.

Similarly, you can select a currently marked Incomplete Tester as Complete and assign a Reward or Bonus to them by choosing their name and setting a Reward for them.

After all of your choices have been paid, you can mark all testers selected as complete and they will be paid out by our system.

If you are on our self-serve plans and added your credit card when you launched your test, your card will be charged. If you are on an annual plan or custom project and are being invoiced by our team, you will be billed monthly for all tests run in that month.

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