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How do you decide who completes a test?
How do you decide who completes a test?
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Determining Who Completes a Test

Our system recommends which testers should for completion based on surveys submissions, bug submissions, and deadlines being met. At the end of each test, you also have the ability to control who earns credit for completion by marking testers as complete or incomplete, adding bonuses, and more.

After you have finalized your review of the testers, they are paid out from our system and your card is charged for the total.

On our Recruit plan (pay-as-you go), for each tester that is marked complete you will be charged the agreed per-tester rate for your test (based on the test type, duration, and targeting requirements). You can also specify a bonus.

For our Professional plans (including subscription plans or custom plans), you can customize the reward provided on an individual tester basis on the test review page, including an optional bonus.

What if a tester didn't complete my test or provided low quality feedback?

If a tester did not complete your test, but our system recommended them for completion, you can manually mark them Incomplete, and you will not be charged for this tester.

What if a tester couldn't finish the test because of technical issues?

If a tester ran into bugs or technical issues that prevented them from testing and provided quality bug reports to document the issues, we would recommend marking them complete. Often times, this can take longer and provide more value to you than testers that actually completed the full process.

If a tester ran into a bug immediately and it only took a small portion of the time expected (e.g. an immediate sign up bug on a 3 day test), we would recommend a partial reward to account for their time spent.

How do you pay testers at the end of the test?

We pay testers via PayPal or Amazon gift cards in most cases. For certain tests with custom rewards (using our Professional plan), testers may get to keep a hardware product or receive a custom reward. Your credit card is charged based on the total paid out and any associated fees, or you will be billed via invoice if you are an invoiced client

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