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Timing & Pricing - Tips for setting your test
Timing & Pricing - Tips for setting your test
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Pricing & Tester Rewards

On our Recruit plan (pay-as-you go), for each test, you'll see a price per tester, based on the time required, test duration, and targeting requirements. This price is inclusive of all costs and tester rewards, and there are no additional fees.

For our Professional plans (including subscription plans or custom plans), you can customize the incentives that you offer to testers and save up to 50% per tester with a larger contract or subscription commitment. You can also provide custom incentives like gift cards, physical products, or choose to provide no incentive when testing with your own testers.

Our system automatically recommends average incentive amounts based on your test type, time expectations, and your target audience. You can learn more about choosing how much to incentivize in this article.

Time Required to Complete a Test

For single-session test types (e.g. product usage + survey, usability videos, market research surveys, and bug hunts), you define how much time you want to provide testers to test. Once recruited, each tester will get up to 12 hours to complete your tasks, and additional time to finish your final survey (if you have one).

For multi-day tests or moderated interviews, there are a couple additional settings to define the overall duration of the test.

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