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How do you decide who gets paid for a test?
How do you decide who gets paid for a test?
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Determining Who To Pay

Our system recommends which testers should get paid based on surveys submissions, bug submissions, and deadlines being met. At the end of each test, you also have the ability to control who gets paid by marking testers as complete or incomplete, adding bonuses, and more.

After you have finalized your review of the testers, they are paid out from our system and your card is charged for the total.

How do you pay testers at the end of the test?

We pay testers via PayPal or Amazon gift cards in most cases. For certain tests, testers may get to keep a hardware product or receive a custom reward. Your credit card is charged based on the total paid out and any associated fees, or you will be billed via invoice if you are an invoiced client

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