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Test Types: Market Research Survey
Test Types: Market Research Survey

Design a Research Survey to understand your users

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Our targeted recruiting and survey builder makes it simple to create market research studies to learn more about your potential users - including other products they use, lifestyle and interest habits, willingness to spend, and more.

Choose Market Research as your test type when creating your test.

Test Details

Survey Title

Your survey title is shown publicly to potential applicants during recruiting. Make it something relevant to your test, for example: "Market Research survey for pet owners"

Brief description of your survey

In the description, you can describe a bit about what you're researching or who you're targeting. This is also shown to applicants during the recruiting phase

How are my test title and description shown during recruiting?

When you launch your test, testers will receive an email invite with your Test Title as the email subject and Test Description in the email body. It will look similar to the screenshot below and will ask testers to apply to participate.

In the below email "We want your feedback on a new packaging design" is the Test Title, and "Help us understand what resonates..." is the Brief Description of Your Survey.

Timing & Pricing for Market Research Surveys

Time required

Define how long your survey will take, and what your incentive will be. Be sure to include a reasonable estimate for time required.

Note: Testers will have up to 12 hours to finish your survey, regardless of the expected time required. If they show as "Active" during your test, it's because their due date has not yet passed.


On our Recruit plan (pay-as-you go), you'll see a price per tester, based on the time required, test duration, and targeting requirements. This price is inclusive of all costs and tester rewards, and there are no additional fees.

For our Professional plans (including subscription plans or custom plans), you can customize the incentives that you offer to testers and save up to 50% per tester with a larger contract or subscription commitment. Our system automatically recommends average incentive amounts based on your test type, time expectations, and your target audience. You can learn more about choosing how much to incentivize in this article.

Recruiting & Screening

You can choose your recruitment criteria and screening questions like you normally would on any test. Learn how tester recruiting works here. Be sure to add any relevant screening questions to match the audience you are targeting:

Survey Design

You can build your own survey, or link to an external survey.

Building your own survey

You can build your own survey by using any of our base question types, or our core question bank. Learn about the various survey question types here and how to use show/hide logic here.

Using an external survey on Qualtrics / SurveyMonkey / Typeform, etc.

You can choose to refer testers to an external survey.

When doing that, you'll need a way to validate that your testers actually completed your survey since we don't integrate directly with third party survey providers. You can do that by providing a completion code at the end of your third-party survey, or by cross-referencing something like name or email (if you collect these in your survey), or asking participants to upload a screenshot.

Reviewing your Survey Feedback Results

After your test launches, you will get survey results that you can review, filter, highlight, segment, and export. Learn about reviewing your results here.

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