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Create branching and show/hide logic in survey questions
Create branching and show/hide logic in survey questions

Use show/hide logic to create more dynamic surveys

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Show/Hide logic is a way to easily create custom flows for testers based on their responses to certain survey questions.

Show/Hide logic only works on multiple choice questions, but gives you unlimited flexibility to create surveys that trigger different paths for testers based on their answers.

Add Show/Hide Logic and create branches in your survey

  1. Click the gearbox icon on the question you want to appear based on the answer to a previous multiple choice question.

2. Click on 'Define show/hide logic and a pop-up menu will provide a list of all multiple choice questions that are in the survey before the defined question.

3. Choose the question and answers that you want to use as the trigger for making the next question appear.

4. Click 'Save' and you will see a new alert letting you know that your question has Show/Hide logic defined on it.

Your question will now only appear for testers who answer the previous multiple choice question with the answers you selected.

NOTE: If you move questions around after creating show/hide logic, the logic may break and have to be re-created based on where you moved the questions. For example, if you move a question with logic defined on it above the multiple choice question it is connected to, the logic will no longer work.

You can test your show/hide logic by Previewing your survey and choosing specific answers to see how they make other questions appear based on the logic you created.


Show/Hide logic can be used in different ways to create more effective surveys, such as:

  • Making testers explain why they liked or disliked something

  • Why testers found something difficult or easy

  • Getting better insight into Net Promotor Score responses

  • Expanding on a Yes/No style question with more context

Creating Full Branching

To create full branching logic, you can use the Show/Hide feature across the entire survey by asking an initial multiple choice question at the beginning of the survey and having the rest of the survey trigger off that initial response, such as "Are you an Android or iPhone user?" to segment responses.

You will have to add logic to every question you create to create full branching and make sure each follow-up question triggers from the initial question.

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