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Multi-Day Tests: Understanding Task / Survey Distribution with Advanced Workflow
Multi-Day Tests: Understanding Task / Survey Distribution with Advanced Workflow
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The Task and Survey Distribution section lets you build custom workflows to guide testers through your test process when you create an Advanced Workflow test.

You can use this feature to build tests where testers are given tasks to complete and survey questions to answer with specific distribution times and deadlines for completing each process you create.

Creating a Survey

When you click on the '+' icon, a new survey will be created that you can name and add distribution and deadline logic to.

Once you click on 'Build Survey', you will be able to create your instructions and survey questions within our survey builder.

Create a new survey


There are different options you can choose for when to distribute your survey to testers.

  1. Start of Test: Testers will receive this survey as soon as they are invited and pass any screening questions and join the test.

  2. At a specific date/time: The survey will go out at the exact time you select

  3. X hours/days after a tester starts the test: This sets a delayed time for when testers will receive a survey, based on when they joined a test. For example, if a tester joins at 12:00 and you set the logic at 6 hours, the survey will go out at 6:00 for that specific tester. Other testers will get it 6 hours from when they joined.

  4. After a tester submits a different survey: This option will automatically send the survey out as soon as the tester completes a different survey. It is best used for creating a consistent workflow where testers move from one survey to the next as they complete them.

Prerequisites - If you choose the checkbox, the survey will only go out to people who have completed a previous survey you define.


Deadlines define when the survey will be due:

  1. Due after X hours/day: Creates a relative deadline for each tester based on when they joined the test. As testers onboard to your test at different times, they will each have their own deadline based on the time you choose (2 hours, 1 day, etc).

  2. Due at a specific date/time: All testers will have the same deadline for completing the survey, regardless of when they joined the test. This option is best for keeping all testers on the same schedule.

  3. No due date. There is no due date for this survey. If you do not define a due date, testers won't receive reminders to complete a task set. This should only be used if a survey is optional or unattached from the test flow - i.e. you should not base any future task/survey distribution options on the completion of a survey without a due date.

Task Set / Survey Examples

  1. A simple task set with only one step for testers to complete and a short deadline.

2. A multi-step process over a few days to download an app, test specific features, and complete a final survey after using the product for a few days.

3. A week-long test with steps to complete each day and questions to answer throughout the process

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