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Multi-Day Tests: Simple Instructions vs Advanced Workflow
Multi-Day Tests: Simple Instructions vs Advanced Workflow

Learn the difference between Simple mode and Advanced Test Workflow

Updated over a week ago

The below video provides a high level overview of using Simple Instructions vs. Advanced Workflows.

Simple Instructions

The below video is a guide to using Simple Instructions to distribute Surveys.

When you build your test, you can add your test instructions for testers to follow. You can learn more here about creating instructions, sharing attachments, adding links, and more for different test types.

For Simple tests, you have the option to distribute surveys to testers as part of the test process or at a later date during the test (for tests over 3 days long). These include:

  • Standard UX Survey - Questions designed by our team to collect insights quickly

  • Build Your Own Survey - design your own survey with our standard question options and core question bank.

  • Participant Verification Survey - testers won't answer any UX questions but will verify that they participated by sharing their login info, screenshots, or explanations of what they did.

  • Decide later - don't distribute anything at the launch of the test but have the option to send something to testers later (available for tests running for 3 days or longer)

Advanced Test Workflow

The below video is a guide to using the Advanced Test Workflow survey distribution builder.

When running a multi-day beta test, you also get access to our Advanced Test Workflow, which lets you customize different tasks and surveys with different distribution times and deadlines to create specific studies that testers follow.

Advanced workflows are great for more complex instructions, or for tests where you want to send different surveys out at different times, such as more in-depth testing for onboarding, specific features, and more.

It is also helpful for hardware tests, live events, fintech products, and tests that require testers to complete more targeted instructions.

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