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Test Details: Learn how testers will see your test title & overview
Test Details: Learn how testers will see your test title & overview
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Test Details

Fill in your test details to start designing your test. This article explains how to fill in each field and how testers will see it when your test launches.

Internal Test Title

(What will you call your test internally?) - For Multi-day test type only

This is only for your team and will show up on your Test Dashboard, so it can refer to a version you are a testing (Testflight v1.5 - June Test), a type of test you are running (UX Onboarding Flow test), or anything that helps you organize your test process. The internal test title is only for multi-day / longitudinal study tests.

Public Title and Description

The Test Title and Description of your test are publicly visible and will be shared with participants invited into your test. You will also see your Test Title on your test dashboard.

The Test Title is shown on the invite email and throughout the platform when testers apply to participate in your test. It should give testers a short description about what your test entails, such as:

  • Test a running app over the course of 1 week

  • Provide feedback about the articles in our news app

  • Help us find bugs in our social media app

The Description should give potential testers more information about the test, including high-level goals, requirements, and expectations of the test. For example:

  • We are looking to find bugs across different iOS devices for this test. You will be asked to create a dating profile, send messages, and test the different settings of our app.

  • We are seeking casual runners to help us test our new running app! Use our app on several runs during the week and provide feedback during a final feedback survey.

Try to keep your Title and Description short and descriptive to make it easy for testers to quickly understand their expectations for the test.

When you launch your test, tester will receive an email invite with your Test Title as the email subject and Test Description in the email body. It will look like this and will ask testers to apply to participate.

After this, you will provide more detailed Instructions or Workflows in the next section.

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