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Retargeting Past Testers from Your Community
Retargeting Past Testers from Your Community
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Retargeting Options

When you run a test and have testers complete your test process, they become part of your core 'community'.

After each test, you can retarget testers in various ways, including:

  • Targeting your entire community

  • Targeting testers by past tests

  • Targeting testers via Tags

  • Targeting specific testers you choose

You can select your option from the Participants tab when you are designing your test. This feature is available on our Pro and Custom plans.

Any testers that match your selection will receive an email invite to join your test. There is no guarantee that all testers will participate again, but we usually see 60-80% follow-up participation when testers are retargeted.

All past applicants

This option invites anyone who has previously participated in one of your tests. When you select this option, you will see how many people will be invited to your test.

If you have set a certain number of testers you'd like to recruit, anyone who tries to apply after all spots have been filled will not be able to join your test. For example, if you invited all past applicants and had 50 people total, but your recruitment for the test was set at 20 people, only the first 20 to apply would get in.

Targeting testers by past tests

Choose a previous test and only people from that test will be invited to participate. Again, only the amount you set as your recruitment goal will actually get into your test, so if you want all applicants to have a chance to participate, make sure the number from the previous test matches your recruitment target.

Targeting testers via Tags

Tags are a useful way to create cohorts or subgroups from previous testers who have participated in your tests. You can invite anyone you've tagged previously into a specific test with this feature

Targeting specific testers you choose

Find a specific mix of users and invite them to participate in your test by checking the users you want to invite.

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