Using Tags: Best Practices
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Using tags is an easy way to create different audience segments and invite specific groups to different tests. You can tag testers with multiple tags so they can be in multiple cohorts.

Testers can be tagged during a test, after a test, or from your community at any time.

Tagging Testers During a Test

During a test, you can tag testers from the Testers tab with as many different tags as you wish. Select the testers you wish to tag with a checkmark and then press the 'Add Tag' button and type in the name of the tag you want - for example 'parent' or 'reinvite' or 'rated app 5 stars'.

Tagging Testers in Your Community

After a test is complete, you can tag any tester who has participated in your test by selecting them from your community.

From your main dashboard, click on the 'Community' tab and you will see a list of your testers. You can tag testers here in the same way, by marking them with a checkmark and choosing any tag you wish.

Inviting Tagged Testers to a Test

Once your testers are tagged, they can easily be reinvited to any future test when you choose your participants in the test builder.

On the Participants tab:

  1. Select 'Your Community'

  2. Choose 'Invite Using Tags'

  3. Select the tags you want to invite to your test.

All testers marked with the specific tags you choose will be invited to your new test. '

Removing Tags

You can easily remove a tag by selecting on any user who has a tag already associated with them and searching for the tag you want to remove.

  1. In your Community tab, select the users you want to remove tags from

  2. Click on 'Remove Tag'

  3. Find the tag you want to remove and click 'Save'

  4. The tags will no longer apply to the users you selected.

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