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Different Test Types Overview
Updated over a week ago

When you create a new test on BetaTesting, you are given the option to choose between different test types. The process for designing your test is similar, but each test type has unique fields or instructions related to it.

The different test types are:

  • Product Usage + Survey: This test lets you give users instructions to use your product for up to 1 hour and then take a survey. You can use our standard UX survey template or design your own survey.

  • Usability Video: Have testers upload a selfie video or screen recording as they go through your product and share their thoughts.

  • Multi-Day Test / Longitudinal Study: Design tests that span multiple days with different tasks and surveys for testers to complete. This is the best option for traditional beta tests and other more complex testing scenarios.

  • Bug Hunt: Have testers complete functional testing of your app and share detailed bug reports for any issues they face.

  • Market Research Survey: Send a survey only to learn more about your market, product, or users without instructions or usage of any product.

  • Moderated Interview: Connect with testers for a moderated session during a video call to watch them use your product, answer questions, and more.

You can choose your test type when you create a new test:

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