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How does BetaTesting work?
How does BetaTesting work?

We describe how it works: (1) Recruit testers (2) Manage your test and aggregate feedback (3) Get insights

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BetaTesting provides real world user research and product testing to help companies create more successful products. We simplify the beta testing process by providing three key services:

1. Recruiting Made Easy

Recruit a community of testers through our large panel of testers (400,000+) or invite your own users or employees.

You can also add screening surveys to target by lifestyle and interest.

In addition to our demographic targeting options, you can also create a screening survey for refined targeting on any criteria, like interests, lifestyle, etc.

Screening surveys can be "Automatic Selection" or "Manual Review". If using manual review, you have the opportunity to manually review all applicants and select those that are the best match for your test.

2. Testing Platform

We provide a simple and flexible platform that allows you to design tests that span any organic user journey. Collect all your feedback in one place, including survey feedback, bug reports, usability videos, and more.

Through our web platform, we make it easy to run any type of real-world “in the wild” test (QA, UX, UI, etc) over any period of time, and collect feedback in one place. Our platform helps manage the following:

  • Tester recruiting, onboarding, and app distribution.

  • Distribute instructions, tasks, and surveys with deadlines to drive engagement, with automated reminders.

  • Collect various types of qualitative and quantitative feedback (surveys, bug reports, usability videos, messaging, moderated interviews, etc).

  • Communicate with testers one-to-one or en-masse

3. Expert Guidance

Our team has helped hundreds of companies beta test their products prior to launch and before each important public release. We provide a range of services to ensure you succeed:

  • Hands-on test design consulting from beta testing experts during the design phase to build the test plan. We’ll work with your team to help design instructions, tasks, and survey questions.

  • Manage tester recruiting to ensure we recruit the right mix of testers.

  • Manage live tests to guarantee high quality feedback for any type of complex or unique testing process.

Get in touch to learn more about custom plans and managed services

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