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Recruiting Testers: Find the Right Audience
How many testers can I get for my tests?
How many testers can I get for my tests?
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The Recruit plan has a limit of 50 testers per test max, and our Pro plan and higher can be customized to any number of testers you need.

You can select the number of testers you want when you design your test, and our ability to fill your test is based on the demographic criteria you select, how narrow your screening questions are, and how compelling your test process and incentives are for our testers.

How many testers do you recommend?

Based on the years of extensive experience running beta tests and ongoing user research, we recommend the following numbers for recruiting testers:

Test Type

# of Testers

Product Usage + Survey


Usability Video


Multi Day / Longitudinal Test


Bug Hunt


Market Research Survey


Moderated Interview


We generally recommend a smaller audience (less than 25) for tests focused on videos or interviews, which require more time and review to collect feedback.

For larger beta tests and more user research driven needs, 50-100 people is ideal to get quantitative data that is meaningful.

Beyond that number, feedback and bugs often become repetitive and it becomes more difficult to analyze the data. It often is more effective to run multiple test cycles and iterate with new test designs and feedback.

However, depending on your goals and budget, we can run tests at any scale and we’ve helped clients run tests with thousands of testers in the past. This is better suited to load testing, crowdsourcing data, and other test types. Contact us for a unique project need that might require a larger pool of testers.

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