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What makes BetaTesting unique?
What makes BetaTesting unique?

Learn about our core values and how we help you create better products

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BetaTesting is focused on helping the world create better products. We do that by simplifying the beta testing process. We connect companies with real people to get feedback through organic user journeys in the real world.

What does that mean? Here are a couple examples:

Popular Consumer Running App

As a product manager for a company with a popular consumer running app, it would be incredibly valuable to get feedback from runners before you launch a new feature. Through BetaTesting, you can target runners to use your app for multiple runs over the course of weeks, and collect feedback on their experience.

  1. At the start of the test, collect a video from each user that shows the of the process of pairing their Apple Watch with their heart rate monitor.

  2. Get survey-based feedback at multiple touch points during the week. Have users upload screenshots and log files to allow you to improve your machine learning algorithms.

  3. Collect bug reports as users encounter issues. Auto-forward bugs to Jira so your QA/dev team can resolve them.

  4. Hand-pick multiple participants and invite them for a moderated user interview for in-depth feedback on their experience.

Now that you've started to build a small test community, you can continue to engage the same participants or recruit new participants over the course of months.

In-home Security Camera Test

The user research and product development teams for a smart-home connected doorbell camera could use BetaTesting to test their product in the real world with hundreds of consumers in unique environments.

  1. Collect a usability video during onboarding that shows the account setup process.

  2. Have testers perform a series of specific test cases: for example, test the camera's automatic cloud-recording feature by having testers walk by the camera, and ensure this properly triggers the cloud recording.

  3. Set up a moderated interview with your dev and support team for a specific user that is running into trouble because their network connection is constantly being dropped by the camera.

  4. Review qualitative and quantitative from hundreds of real world participants. Measure NPS and other important benchmarking criteria.

  5. Make product changes based on important user feedback and bug reports.

  6. Run a new test every quarter, and compare benchmark metrics to improve your product over time.

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