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Beta testing to ensure you pass your Google Play app review
Beta testing to ensure you pass your Google Play app review

Learn how to meet Google Play requirements for app testing before you submit your app.

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Google has recently updated developer app submission requirements to ensure high-quality apps on Google Play. As part of these changes, app testing before submitting your app for review to the Google Play store is required for all new personal developer accounts, and recommended for all developers and organizations.

But don't fear! BetaTesting makes pre-submission app testing easy with our pre-submission test package!

Read below to learn more about how BetaTesting helps to ensure you pass the Google Play app submission requirements.

From Google: "To help all developers to deliver high-quality apps, we're introducing new testing requirements. Developers with personal accounts created after 13 November 2023 will need to test their apps before those apps are eligible to be published for distribution on Google Play. Certain features in Play Console, such as Production (Release > Production) and Pre-registration (Release > Testing > Pre-registration), will be disabled until developers meet these requirements."

Requirements for new developer accounts:

  • As a personal developer account, you must run a closed test for your app with at least 20 testers who have opted-in for 14 days or more.

  • After meeting this criteria, you can apply for production access on in the Play Console

  • During the application process, you'll be asked questions about your app and its testing process and production readiness. In this process, you can reference your testing process with BetaTesting to collect bugs and feedback.

How does help?

BetaTesting provides pre-release testing to collect feedback and bugs to help bring higher quality apps into the world! Here's how our pre-submission testing program works:

Easily recruit 20 or more testers to test your app

We have a community of 400,000+ consumers and professionals available to help test and provide feedback for new apps and technology products. We recruit real people using real-world devices. We can recruit 20+ testers in a matter of hours.

Choose from a wide variety of targeting methods, including location (country, state, city), devices (Android phone, Android tablet, iOS, and many more), demographic criteria like age / gender / income, etc, and even include custom screening questions.

Closed testing over the course of 14 days or more consecutively

The BetaTesting platform makes it easy to test with groups of testers over two weeks or more. Our pre-submission testing program includes an easy-to-use template for a 2-week test.

  • Our 2-week pre-submission template includes app distribution using your favorite tool, instructions or tasks for testers, bug reports, and a final feedback survey.

    • Use our existing template, and spend ZERO time to get your test set up and kicked off.

    • OR, customize your test instructions and survey according to your needs.

  • Our platform makes it easy to manage large groups of testers. See the progress for each tester and message testers one-to-one or en-masse.

  • Collect bug reports and survey feedback directly on BetaTesting and invite your team to see results.

Collect emails from your testers and distribute your app using Google Play Console closed testing

Our pre-submission test template allows you to collect emails from test participants during the application process. We'll provide you with each testers email after they are accepted into your test, so you can easily distribute your app through the Google Play Console.

Screenshot from platform:

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