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Reviewing Survey Feedback: AI Insights, Filters, Highlights, and Grid View
Reviewing Survey Feedback: AI Insights, Filters, Highlights, and Grid View
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The below video provides an overview of viewing results on BetaTesting (surveys, bug reports, usability videos).

Survey Feedback during live tests

As testers complete your survey questions, you will see your survey data on your Results tab. All of your data is aggregated to show charts, text responses, and media uploads.

Chart Views

You can view all charts in various views, such as bar, column, or pie charts, using the chart icon next to any chart:

You can also use the dot menu next to the chart to export any chart as an image, print it, save it as a pdf, or export the data to Excel:

Text Questions with AI Insights

With our AI insight tools, you can quickly analyze text feedback for positive or negative sentiment, and see word clouds and key phrases to see if any specific phases have negative or positive sentiment associated with them.

You can access the AI tools by clicking on the dot icon next to any text question.


At the top of any survey, you can filter the data by demographics, tags, devices, and more to segment it to find trends across different testers:

There are also option at the top of each survey to Export data, download media to zip files, print charts, and more.


You can easily highlight any piece of feedback by selecting the Highlight icon on the right side of a testers' answer.

In the filters section at the top of a survey, you can then filter by Highlights only to see your favorite content from any survey easily.

Show and Hide Answers

You can also use the eye icon to hide answers you don't want to see in the feedback as you review it.

Grid View

To switch your survey data from chart view to grid view, click on the icon at the top right of the page:

This changes the view to show all responses in line and lets you search for phrases, continue using filters, or showing tester demographic data along with their responses:

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