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How do you guarantee quality engagement?
How do you guarantee quality engagement?
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We take a series of steps to make sure you get quality engagement during your test process, including automated features within our platform and features under your control to manage your community.

A Curated Audience

We curate our audience by tracking the quality of their feedback across tests - from ratings provided by other companies, payments made, and deadlines met across all of their tests. This helps us invite the best testers to each test.

Ratings and Re-engagment

During the test process, you have the ability to message testers to provide input on their feedback, rate their feedback, or reject any test submission that is not high quality.

Deadlines, Reminders, and Messages

Our system has features that help remind testers about the tasks and deadlines they need to meet to provide feedback. For every test, testers receive expectations up front and reminders about upcoming deadlines to keep the community on track to complete your test.

You can also send reminders, broadcast messages, change deadlines, and more to add flexibility to your test process.

Test Review and Payment

At the end of each test, you also control who gets paid, receives bonuses, and more. You can also ask testers to submit screenshots or login info to your app to verify that they have participated in the test fully.

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