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Timing & Incentives - Tips for setting your test timing & incentives
Timing & Incentives - Tips for setting your test timing & incentives
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Timing and Incentives

For each test, you define how long the test should take, and how much of a reward or incentive you want to provide to testers for their time, participation, and feedback.

Test timing is meant to be general guidance so testers can understand the expectations required and decide if they want to sign up for the test. It does not have to be exact, but should give testers a clear perspective on what will be required.

Time Required to Complete

Select how much time testers will approximately spend testing your product, depending on your instructions or tasks. The time required to complete a test will affect how much you need to incentive testers.

First, set the overall time you want to give people to complete your test. This can be a few hours, a few days, or multiple weeks depending on how long it takes to engage with your product and complete the required steps. Your test will run for the time period you set.

Next, you set how long it actually takes people to complete your test when they are actively participating. You should take into account:

  • The setup time required to get started with your product (downloading app, creating an account, and more)

  • The active time using it (testing features, reviewing content, settings, etc)

  • Time required to complete any surveys, videos, or instructions you have set

You can set your time parameters as a Total, Per Day, or Per Week based on your preferences.

Incentives per Participant

Choose how much each tester will be paid for completing your test. We recommend a minimum incentive based on your tasks and time required to complete a test.

  • An average incentive for single-session tests for simpler apps is $10-$15. $10 is usually the minimum incentive required to recruit testers.

  • For multi-day tests with multiple tasks to complete, $15-$25 is the most common incentive.

  • If you are asking testers to complete more complicated tasks, such as connecting to other accounts or sharing more sensitive information, you might need to provide incentives of $30-$50 to guarantee maximum participation.

You can set 3 different types of incentives:

  • Payment through BetaTesting: We process payments to testers at the end of the test via PayPal or Amazon gift cards

  • No incentive: This is only an option if you are inviting your own audience

  • Describe incentive with text: Add a custom option such as "$20 + $5 bonus for bugs" or "Keep the product at the end of the test".

You will only be charged for participants who complete your test. Reward payments are sent to testers who complete your test process as an incentive for their time and feedback.

We require incentive payments to be included in any test where you are recruiting from the BetaTesting tester panel. If you are inviting your own users to a test, you have the option to run the test without incentives.

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