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How long can I expect testers to engage with my product?
How long can I expect testers to engage with my product?
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Testers can engage with your product from a few minutes to multiple hours per day, depending on the complexity of your needs. On average, most testers spend 30 minutes - 1 hour for onboarding and tasks associated with testing an app or simple software products. For hardware products or more complex software, this might be 2-4 hours per week.ย 

For our Recruit plan, you can choose the amount of time you want testers to spend testing and choose an incentive to match that time commitment.

For Pro plans and custom quotes, our prices are based on how much time it will take testers to complete the test design based on your needs, and we guarantee a certain level of participation for each tester.ย 

We can setup tests that span days, weeks, or months depending on your goals. Get in touch with our team if you'd like to discuss a custom project or subscription to meet your needs.

๐Ÿ’กWant to learn more? Book a call/demo with our team or get in touch through our contact form.

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