What is a screening survey?
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A screening survey is a survey that applicants receive before being accepted into a test. Screening surveys include one or more screening questions. When a tester receives a test invite, they first are taken to the screening survey.

For example, if you are recruiting testers for a running app, you may want to include the following screening question. Testers that never run will be rejected from the test.

Tester Screening Process:

  1. Testers must match the defined demographic and device criteria to be eligible to apply to a test (e.g. location, age, gender, device type)

  2. A tester receives a private invite to a test via email, or clicks to apply to a test that is available publicly.

  3. The tester is presented with the screening survey

  4. If they answer any screening questions incorrectly, their application to join the test will be rejected

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