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How to Record Your Screen and Audio (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac)
How to Record Your Screen and Audio (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac)
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When a test requires recording your screen and sharing your thoughts, follow these simple steps to make sure you record a high quality video with your screen shared correctly and audio on.

A few things to remember for all video recordings

  • Audio is required. Talk through your thoughts out loud. There should be no background noise.

  • Practice! Ensure your recording works before every test. If there are audio/video issues, you won't earn the reward for the test

  • Be sure not to record any private information.

  • Upload the video through BetaTesting on your phone's browser, or use Dropbox/Google Drive to help upload using your computer

iOS Screen Recording

See this article and ensure you enable audio recording by reviewing the screenshots below⬇️

Ensure you record your audio

You'll see that your microphone is turned off. It is important that you Turn your microphone ON so your voice will be heard on the video. Turn the microphone on so you can talk out loud as you go through a product or prototype.

Android Screen Recording

See any of these articles about recording your screen on Android with audio:

Windows Screen Recording

On PC, you can use the built-in Windows screen recording tools:

Mac Screen Recording

On Mac, you can use Quicktime to easily record your screen and audio:

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