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How to record a usability video screen recording.
How to record a usability video screen recording.
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When a test requires recording your screen and sharing your thoughts, follow these simple steps to make sure you record a high quality video with your screen shared correctly and audio on.

A few things to remember for all video recordings

  • Audio is required. Talk through your thoughts out loud. There should be no background noise.

  • Practice! Ensure your recording works before every test. If there are audio/video issues, you won't earn the reward for the test.

  • Be sure not to record any private information.

  • Upload the video through BetaTesting on your phone's browser, or use Dropbox/Google Drive to help upload using your computer

iOS Screen Recording

  1. Go to Settings and Control Center on your iPhone

  2. See if Screen Recording is included in your Included Controls

3. If you don't see it, scroll down under More Controls and find Screen Recording and add it by clicking the + sign next to it

4. When you are ready to add a screen recording, drag down from the top of your screen to open your Quick Settings menu. In this menu, you'll see the circle icon for Screen Recording in your shortcuts.

5. Click it and HOLD IT to bring up this menu

6. You'll see that your microphone is turned off. It is important that you Turn your microphone ON so your voice will be heard on the video. Turn the microphone on so you can talk out loud as you go through a product or prototype.

7. When you start recording, you'll see an icon at the top of your screen in Red signaling that recording is in progress. When you are done, you can click on it to stop your recording and then upload your video to BetaTesting.

See a video of this whole process here.

Android Screen Recording

1. Download a screen recording app such as DU Recorder or AZ Screen Recorder to record your screen.

These instructions will show you screenshots for DU Recorder.

2. Make 2 settings changes to help improve the quality of your recording:

  • Turn off Watermark from the Recording Toolbox that shows up at the right of your screen

  • Increase your video resolution to 2mbps - If you keep it too high you will get a large video file that will make it difficult to upload

3. Drag icon and click on the record icon to share your screen. Talk out loud as you go through the app. Share your thoughts, answer any questions that have been asked.

4. Click on the icon again to stop your recording. You will see a preview of your video.

5. Go back to BetaTesting and upload your video by going to 'My Device' and 'Documents' to find your video from your phone.

If you want to do this from your computer, you will have to use Google Drive, Dropbox, email, or other tools to transfer the video from your phone to your computer or cloud.

You can see a video of this process here.

Web Screen Recording

  1. To record from your computer for a web-based test, we would recommend downloading Loom or Screencastify as a Chrome extention.

  2. Have your tasks/instructions open on BetaTesting in one tab and have the chrome extension open in another tab to choose your microphone and tab settings in Loom.

  3. If you choose the right tab, only that tab will show in the recording, even though you can bounce back and forth from different tabs.

4. Begin recording and share your thoughts out loud, answer any questions that were asked, and be open with your feedback as you go through it so product owners can learn what you're thinking.

5. Stop the recording when you are done and use the tools in Loom to download your video and upload it to BetaTesting.

You can see a video of this whole process here.

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