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Submitting a high quality bug report:
Submitting a high quality bug report:
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When submitting a bug report, it’s important to share the right information in a clear way so developers can fully understand the bug, reproduce it, and fix it. Follow the steps below to ensure your bugs are high quality. For many tests, high quality bug submission result in bonus reward payments and a higher likelihood of being invited to future tests.

  1. Write a one sentence summary of the issue or the problem.
    This is the header of the bug report, similar to an email subject line. It’s important to be clear and descriptive about the issue. For example, "Pause button in the play store is not visible after subscribing” is better than “Pause button not visible”.

  2. Describe of the issue or the problem.
    Explain in detail how you encountered the bug and add steps to reproduce the bug. The best format is to show the steps you took and then explaining what you expected to happen versus what actually happened.

    For example:
    1. Open app
    2. Subscribe yearly/monthly
    3. Go to the play store "subscriptions"
    4. Observe, subscription is listed but, no pause button is displayed

    Actual : The user doesn't see "Pause" and "Cancel" button after subscribing
    Expected: I expect the "Pause" and "Cancel" buttons to be visible

  3. Include version, device and operating system information
    Share any specific information that might be helpful for the development team, such as your phone model, operating system, browser you were on when you encountered the bug.

  4. Upload any attachments
    Add screenshot or videos of the issue to make it easier to understand. Turn your audio on and talk through the issue if possible to give as much context as possible for videos, or use markup on your screenshots to circle/point out UI issues.

  5. Communicate with client

    For any bug you submit, you may receive a message from the client or someone at BetaTesting to provide more detail or test a fix that was made. Please communicate back as quickly as possible and work with the client to fix the bug as needed to help make the test a success.

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