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Can I target specific professional or industry-based roles?
Can I target specific professional or industry-based roles?
Updated over a week ago

We can usually target professionals such as freelancers or business owners, but if you need to target specific professionals within an industry, that can get fairly niche and our ability to recruit these testers would depend on your specific needs. 

You can try to target certain industries or job types via screening questions - such as people who work in IT, marketers, sales people, or developers - but getting more narrow than that will usually lead to poor recruitment on our platform.

If you have existing relationships with niche groups or roles, it is usually best to invite them to a test on BetaTesting to organize your test processes and feedback in one place.

For projects above a certain budget, we can design a custom campaign to acquire new testers that fit your specific criteria, if we aren't able to recruit them from our community. Please contact us for more details.

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