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Incentives and Tester Rewards
Understanding Incentive Payments
Understanding Incentive Payments
Tips and best practices for providing rewards to testers
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Reward payments are sent to testers who complete your test process as an incentive for their time and feedback.

We require incentive payments to be included in any test where you are recruiting from the BetaTesting tester panel. If you are inviting your own users to a test, you have the option to run the test without incentives.

How much incentive should I provide?

Your incentive should match how much time your test takes along with how complex your product and test process is. As a general rule, you can take the overall duration of your test (1 day, 1 week, etc.) along with how much active time a tester needs to participate during that time (30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.).

In general, your reward should not be less than $10-$15 per hour of active time required.

Other factors that may affect incentive pricing:

  • More specific target audiences generally require higher incentives, in comparison to general consumers

  • Usability Videos (5 min or less): $10 - $15 per tester

  • Moderated Interviews: $40 - $60 per tester per 30 min or hour

  • Daily check-ins or schedule-based tasks such as live events: $10 - $15 extra per tester per week

  • Other complex tasks, such as: connecting with others to test, shipping products, integrating with other services (fitness, banking, social media), or testing with children/teens will require additional incentives as well.

How do you decide who gets paid for a test?

Our system recommends which testers should get paid based on surveys submissions, bug submissions, and deadlines being met. At the end of each, you also have the ability to control who gets paid by marking testers as complete or incomplete, adding bonuses, and more.

How do you pay testers at the end of the test?

We pay testers via PayPal or Amazon gift cards in most cases. For certain tests, testers may get to keep a hardware product or receive a custom reward.

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