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Designing different test types
Understanding bug reports, usability videos, and survey-based tests
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Your subscription includes the ability to run different types of tests, including Bug Reporting, Usability Videos, and Survey-Based Feedback. 

Bug Tests

Our Bug Reporting tool helps you quickly find bugs and technical issues in your product, across a range of real-world devices and use cases. By having a wide mix of testers go through your various features, you will discover issues across devices, operating systems, browsers, and more, that can't be found with in-house testing. 

Our bug reports capture device information, and testers can add screenshots and videos to understand how to replicate the bug. You can also message testers within each bug report to ask questions and get more information. 

You can add Bug Reporting to any self-serve test during checkout if you want testers to submit bugs when they have an issue.

Usability Videos 

Usability videos are a great way to get user interface feedback by see people interacting with your product directly. You get videos of users' screens as they navigate around your product and share their thoughts. 

By understanding a users' thought process, and seeing where they might be getting confused or missing important steps, your product team can gather deeper insights about your user interface and changes that can be made to make your product more intuitive. 

During any test, you can use the File Upload question type in the Survey Builder to request a video for a specific part of your user journey.

Survey Feedback

Survey-based feedback is the best option for running user experience tests. With our survey-builder, you can get in-depth feedback about how people feel about your product, including the onboarding process, navigation, ease of use, willingness to pay, speed, and much more. 

Learn more about the different types of questions you can ask here.

User experience testing is an important part of the beta testing process. The insights you discover from real people using your product will help you understand which features are most valuable, which new features need to be added, and where people get confused or excited about interacting with your product. 

You can use our default UX survey or build your own custom surveys for any test you create.

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