We offer 3 monthly subscription options: Basic, Standard, and Pro. Each have their own limits for number of tests, testers, and length of test.

All subscriptions plans are billed on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will have access to our platform and your data until the end of your month. We do not provide pro-rated refunds in between months.

You can also upgrade at any time or downgrade as long as you don't have a live test running. You are not charged the subscription fee more than once, even if you run multiple tests per month.


Incentive payments are paid directly to testers for their participation and feedback. For each test, we recommend incentives based on the approximate amount of time required to complete testing and the number of tasks included in testing.

We recommend choosing our minimum recommendations or more to make sure you get enough people to complete your test. If you choose an incentive amount that is lower than our recommendation, you may not get the full number of participants to complete testing.

At the end of each test, you will have 48 hours to review your feedback and reject any testers who did not provide quality feedback.


For each test, we add a payment processing fee to cover the cost of processing payments and distributing incentives to our testers. This is the greater of $2/tester or 3.5% of the total incentive payments.


For example, if you buy a Standard plan and run a test with 20 testers and a $15 reward, your total payment would be:

Standard subscription: $499

Incentives: (20x$15): $300

Payment Fees: ($2 per tester for 20 testers): $40

TOTAL: $839

If you run more tests in the same month, you only pay the incentives and payment fees for each test. Your subscription is billed again every 30 days.


We provide a Managed plan that is based on a quote from our team if you need have more custom needs, including:

  • Longer test lengths

  • Advanced recruiting needs to niche groups

  • Greater test management and setup help from our team

  • Unique product needs, such as hardware or fintech products

Managed tests can be run over many days or weeks, with multiple task sets and surveys included. Get in touch so we can learn more and provide a quote, or see some sample demo videos below:

Recruit Testers: Demographics and Screener

Test Design: Tasks and Survey Questions

Live Test: Feedback, Bugs, and More

Usability Videos

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