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BetaTesting Privacy Policy
BetaTesting Privacy Policy

Latest BetaTesting Privacy Policy

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Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to being transparent about what information we collect about you, and how it is used and shared. This policy is also intended to help you understand the choices and rights you have related to how we collect, use, and share your information.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy applies to the information we collect about you when you use our products and services or otherwise interact with us. In this Privacy Policy, the words “BetaTesting”, “we”, “us”, and “our” all refer to ErliBird Nest, Inc. We offer a range of user research and testing services including those accessible through the website This website and all our associated products and services shall be referred to as “Services” in this Privacy Policy. 

In providing our services, we work with both customers and participants. A “Customer” uses our services to run user research projects, including testing, user feedback, and any other published or contracted Services (“User Research Projects”). A “Participant” is someone that signs up for BetaTesting with the purpose of receiving invites and participating in User Research Projects. 

This Privacy Policy applies when you, whether a Customer, Participant, or non-member website visitor (“Visitor”) access, visit, or use any portion of our Services. You have choices about how we use information about you. These choices include how you can access and update certain information about you, and how you can object to certain users of information about you. 

If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not provide us with your personal information, and do not access or use our Services. 

By creating a BetaTesting account, visiting the website as a Visitor, or by otherwise accessing or using the Service, you expressly consent to our collection, use, disclosure, and retention of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

We do not control any information you have shared with third parties that they copy or export out of our Services or that you have shared with third parties outside of our services, and in these scenarios you will need to contact these third parties directly to have your information deleted, restricted, or otherwise enforce your rights related to this information. For example, if you share your information with a Customer as a Participant when applying or participating in a User Research Project, they may export your information out of our Services. Likewise, if you provide any information directly to a third party (e.g. directly within a Customer app you are using as part of a User Research Project) they control this information.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We can modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes to it, we will provide you with notification through the Services home page, login, or by sending you an email or other similarly prominent means. If you object to any of the changes, you must deactivate your account and discontinue all use of the Services. 

2. Information we collect about you

We collect information about you when you provide it to us, when other sources provide it to us, and when you use our Services. 

Information that you provide to us

You provide information about yourself when you create an account on BetaTesting, input it through your account or profile information, or otherwise provide content or information through our Services.

Registration & profile information

When you register for an account, we collect information about you, which may include your name, email, phone number, and/or password and other profile information.  When you create or modify your profile, you have the option of providing other information, such as a display name, profile photo, education, age, gender, zip code, devices, interests, and other details. 

You have choices about the information you provide to us. As a Participant, providing profile information helps you get more from our Services, including helping Customers to provide you with invites to participate in User Research Projects. It’s your choice to provide any information about you to BetaTesting. 

Posting, uploading, and providing content

We collect personal information from you when you use our Services to post, upload, send, receive, share information, or fill out a form. For example, you provide information when you respond to a survey, participate in a User Research Project, provide feedback, bug reports, messages, or other data. This content includes any information about you that you choose to include. You never have to post or upload personal data, though if you do not, it may limit your ability to participate in User Research Projects.

Customer support

The BetaTesting Services also include customer support. When you contact support through email, website chat, or any other method, you will be asked to provide contact information, details about the issue you are experiencing, and other details to allow us to attempt to resolve your issue.

Payment information

For Participants, we collect your contact and payment information (including name, address, phone number, PayPal email address, and other information) to facilitate any reward payments for participating in User Research Projects. You may choose not to provide this information, but it will impact your ability to participate in User Research Projects or receive reward payments.

We collect billing and payment information from Customers when you register for paid Services, including name and contact information. When you complete payment, you may also provide credit card information or other payment details, which are collected through our secure payment system.

Information we receive from other sources

We receive information about you from other sources, including other users of our Service, third party services, partners, and affiliates. 

Other users may provide information about you

Other users may provide information about you when they submit content through our Services. For example, if you are a Participant in a User Research Project, you may interact with other participants through the BetaTesting website,  within Customer apps or products, or otherwise. If you provide any of your information to other users, it is possible that they will provide this information to us within content that they post to our Services (e.g. a bug report, or a message). Do not provide any personal information to other users that you do not wish to be publicly available.

A BetaTesting Customer may also provide us with your information (for example, your name and email), when inviting you to participate in a User Research Project, or when inviting a coworker or associate to participate as an administrator within a Customer account.

Services that you link to your account

We receive information about you from third party services when you link or integrate a third party service to your account. For example, if you log in with Google or Facebook, we receive your name, email, and other information about you as permitted by your settings and the permissions and privacy policies controlled by these services. Be sure that you review all applicable privacy policies and settings from third party providers to fully understand what information may be shared to us before you do so.

Partners and affiliates

We may receive information about you and your activities on and off the Services from third party partners (for example, advertising, market research, or support partners), if you have given permission to those third parties to share information with others, or the information is extracted from publicly available sources. BetaTesting may share limited information about you with partner third parties for the purpose of receiving additional information about you (data enrichment) so that we may perform or improve our Services or make our Services more personalized. For example, we may share your email with a third party to obtain some other information like your company name. For any third party vendors that we share information with, we sign a Data Protection Agreement to ensure information they process is adequately protected and lawfully obtained.

Information we collect indirectly when you use our Services

We collect certain information about you automatically when you use our Services. 

Information about how you use the Services

We log usage data when you visit our websites, apps, or other technology (e.g. click on a link, upload a file, view content, log in, interact with others, etc). 

Device, location, and connection information

We receive data from your devices and networks. We collect information about your phone, computer, tablet, or other devices you use to access our Services. For example, we get information about your mobile device hardware, the browser used, operating system version, and device features when you click a link to access an app download through our Service. When using our Service we also get information on your IP address, proxy server, device identifier, and your mobile carrier or network service provider. We use your IP address, phone number, and profile information to approximate your location and provide you with a better and more personalized service. 

Cookies, page tags, and other tracking technologies

We use cookies and other tracking technologies like web beacons, pixels, URL variables, device identifiers, and ad tags to recognize you and/or your devices as you use our Services. Please see our Cookie Policy to learn how you can opt out of our use of cookies and similar technologies.

3. How we use information we collect

We use your information to provide, personalize, support, and develop our Services. How we use your information depends on which Services you use, how you use those services, and the preferences you communicate to us. In the sections below, we provide details about the purposes and legitimate basis we have for using the information we collect.

To provide and personalize our Services

We use the information we collect from you to provide the Services to you, including authorizing access to our Services, processing transactions with you, and operating and maintaining our Services. For example, as a Participant, we use your information to facilitate your invitation and participation in User Research Projects that may interest you. We use the information we have about you (such as your profile information, including age, gender, zip code, devices, and other information you provide) to help Customers invite you and others (Participants that match the Customer’s chosen target audience demographics, interests, or devices) to apply to participate in their project. 

For each User Research Project, our Customers manually define their target audience demographics and other requirements (e.g. devices) through the use of platform tools. We then use automated systems to facilitate the invite process and invite users that match the Customer’s requirements (or that we expect might meet the requirements).

To communicate with you or facilitate communication with you

We use your contact information to send transactional communications via email, text message, push notifications, and otherwise within our Services. For example, we use email as a way to distribute communications related to any projects you participate in (e.g. new tasks, surveys, due date reminders, reward notifications, etc). For our Customers, we communicate with you to confirm your purchase, provide support, and help ensure your projects are successful. We send email or text notifications when you or others interact on the Service (for example, when a Customer sends a message to a Participant). We provide unique communications to each user depending on how you use our Service. For example, we may send you unique communications to help you learn how to use a certain Service or make a suggestion that we think could improve your experience with our Service. In most cases, these transactional communications are an integral part of the Service and you cannot opt out of them. When you can opt out, you will see that option available and included within the communication itself (e.g. in the email footer for emails) or within your account settings.

To market and promote our services

We use your information to send promotional communications that may interest you, including by email and by serving you advertisements both on or off our Services. These communications are sent in order to allow you to use our Services more effectively, to increase engagement, and to allow you to learn more about our Services. Examples include newsletters, giveaways, information about new products or features, case studies, launch notifications, promotions, and contests. You can opt out of promotional communications using the unsubscribe link within each email, by updating your account settings, or by contacting our support team. You may be able to opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from other companies. Please review the “Opting out of communications” section below to learn more about your choices for opting out of promotional communications and advertising. 

For research purposes

We frequently conduct research to improve our Services and make them more useful to you and other users. We use usage data and direct customer feedback to learn about our users and improve our Service through user research, testing, and data analysis. 

For customer support

We use your information to communicate with you and help you and fix problems you may encounter (e.g. device information, bug reports, crash data, logs and other information).

For security and investigations

We use your information for security purposes, to monitor or prevent or investigate fraud, verify accounts and activities, and to identify and research possible violations of policies or harm to our users.

We use your information when required to by law or in connection with legal claims,  compliance, regulatory, investigation, or audit purposes to protect our legal rights, our interests, or the interests of others. We may also disclose your information during the merger, sale, or acquisition process of our business or assets.

We also use your information in any case you have given us consent to do so, even if it isn’t specifically listed above. For example, we may ask for your permission to share your contact information with a Customer that wants to invite you to be an ambassador or share your feedback in a testimonial.

We have legitimate basis for collecting, using, and sharing information about you. If you are located within the European Economic Area (EEA), we collect and use your information in compliance with EU laws. The legal basis for collecting and using your data depends on how you use our Services. We only collect and use your information when one or more of the following situations apply:

  • We need your information to fulfill our contract with you to provide and operate the Services you have requested as a Customer or Participant.

  • There is a legitimate interest provided that such processing shall not outweigh your rights and freedoms. Examples include:

  • To protect, monitor, prevent or investigate fraud or security threats

  • To market and promote our Services.

  • To protect our legal rights and interests.

  • For customer service.

  • Manage corporate transactions, such as mergers or acquisitions.

  • Research, understand, and improve our business or customer relationships.

  • You give us consent to do so for a specific purpose

  • The processing is necessary to comply with the law 

In situations where we rely on your consent to process personal data, you have the right to withdraw or decline consent at any time, however this will not impact any processing which has already occurred. Where we rely on legitimate interest, you have the right to object. However, this may mean you will be unable to continue using our Services. If you have questions about the lawful basis upon which we collect and use your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

4. How we share information we collect

Our Service is built for the purpose of facilitating User Research Projects for Customers and Participants, and sharing information through our Service and to certain third parties is critical to providing our Service. We do not sell your information to third parties without your permission, and your data is not disclosed to any third party except for the purposes described below.

Sharing with other users on our Service

We share certain information about you with other users on our Services.

Sharing with Participants

We may share your username and profile picture with other Participants and Customers during a User Research Project. For example, a User Research Project may include some shared collaboration spaces between all Participants and the Customer (e.g. a message board, forum, feature request list, etc). Any content and information you provide through these shared spaces will be visible to other Participants along with your username and profile picture. Other Participants may be able to infer information about you, knowing that you are participating in the same User Research Project they are (e.g. users of a video game test may infer that other users enjoy playing video games). 

If a User Research Project will require that you share any additional information about yourself with other Participants, the Customer must provide these details as part of the application process. Do not share any information about yourself with other Participants that you do not want to be public. 

Sharing with Customers

We allow you to share your information with Customers when you apply to participate in a User Research Project. We provide user research services to Customers, and an important part of user research is understanding user engagement, feedback, and testing in the context of additional information about that user (e.g. demographics, interests, etc). When you are invited to a User Research Project, as part of the application process, you can review which of your information will be shared with the Customer when you apply to participate. You can choose whether or not you want to apply to participate in a project and share your information with the Customer. 

When you participate in User Research Projects the collaboration features within our platform display some or all of your profile information to Customers. For example, when you submit a survey, a Customer can view your profile information, username, and see your profile picture. During a User Research Project, you can also create content and post information in various ways, for example through surveys, bug reports, messages, forums or other methods. Any information you submit while participating in a User Research Project will be shared with the Customer.

Sharing on public forums

Our Service offers some publicly accessible features to share and post content (e.g. forums, blogs, and support tools). Any information you provide on these public spaces, along with your username and image, may be read, stored, and used by any other person or tool that accesses these sections. Content in these sections may exist even after you terminate your account. To request removal, please see the appropriate sections below for more information.

Sharing with third parties

We share certain information about you with third parties that help us provide our services.

Sharing with service providers

We use third party service providers to help us provide our services (e.g. for website and app development, marketing, maintenance, payment processing, customer support, analytics, hosting, storage). These service providers will have access to your information as is reasonably necessary in order to perform services on our behalf and under the obligation that they do not use or disclose your information for other purposes.

Sharing with partners

We may share your information with affiliates and partners that provide sales, support, consulting, development, or other professional services so that they can perform their services. For example, we may share your information with a support partner to provide local support, or to a sales partner to provide sales support.

Sharing with third party apps, sites, and widgets

Our Service may include links that direct you to other websites, apps, or services with privacy policies that are different than ours. For example, User Research Projects often contain instructions from a Customer to install, sign up, or use another third party website, app, or product. Any information that you may submit to a third party through a website or app is controlled by that third party and governed strictly by their privacy policies. For that reason, we encourage you not to provide real personal information directly through third party products you use during User Research Projects. We encourage you to use fake personal information (e.g. fake address), pseudonyms, and other non-personally identifiable information when providing content through third party products. In the event that the Customer requires your real information, this should be communicated and understood before applying to the project. If you are ever uncomfortable about providing information during a User Research Project, please do not. It is always your choice to decide whether or not you want provide information that is requested of you, however it may mean that you need to opt out of the User Research Project.

Our Service may use third party widgets or plugins to provide additional functionality and features (e.g. social media sharing with a Facebook or Twitter button). These third party tools often collect information about your website usage. For example, they may set a cookie, and collect your IP address and information about which pages you visited on our website. These third party widgets or plugins may be hosted by a third party or directly on our services, but your interactions with those features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing those tools.

Sharing when it’s required by law or to protect the rights and safety of us, you, or third parties.

We may need to share your information when required to by law or in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, investigation, or audit purposes to protect our legal rights, our interests, or the interests of others. 

Sharing in connection with a merger, sale, or financing event

We may also disclose your information during the merger, sale, or acquisition process of our business or assets. In this event, we will send notification via email or place a prominent notice on our website along with any choices you may have regarding your information.

5. Information security and retention

Information security

We use data hosting providers in the United States and take precautions to protect your information and prevent the access, misuse or loss of your data. Our network infrastructure includes safeguards such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, hardware and software firewalls, DDos mitigation, data encryption, monitoring and logging, identity and access control, redundancy and backups, intrusion detection, and other security controls. The hosting providers we use are certified by third party security audits such as SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO 27001, and others. Upon request, we can provide evidence of such audits. 

No security system is impenetrable. Although we try hard to keep your data private and secure, due to the nature of the internet and associated risks, we cannot warrant the security of any information you provide to us. 

Retention of your information

We keep your account information as long as your account is open or as long as it is necessary for our operations. We retain some information as needed to comply with legal or business obligations, enforce our rights and agreements, maintain security, and take other actions permitted by law, up to the maximum terms permitted by law. After those terms, your information will be fully deleted or anonymized, or to the extent that this is not possible (e.g. the information is stored in backups or archives), we will securely store your information until it is possible to delete it fully.

6. Your rights to access and control your information

You have choices and rights to access and control your information. You can access or delete your personal data and have choices about how your data is collected, used, and shared. In the sections below, we provide details on how you can exercise your rights and make requests related to the access or control of your information. You can exercise some of these choices directly within your account settings, and for all other requests by contacting us directly as described in the Contact Us section below.

In some cases, your choices may be limited and your requests may not be able to be fulfilled. For example, if you ask us to delete information which we are permitted by law to maintain or have legitimate interests to keep as described within this privacy policy. When you have shared your information with third parties through our Service, those services control your data and you must contact those third parties to have your information deleted or restricted. 

Change or correct your information

You can access and edit some of your personal information through your account. For example, you can access, change, and update your profile information or fix it if it is inaccurate. You can also ask us directly to change or correct your information by contacting us directly as described in the Contact Us section below.

Delete your information

You can delete certain information about you through your account. For example, you can remove content that you submit through surveys or delete certain profile information. You can also ask us directly to delete your information by contacting us directly as described in the Contact Us section below. In some cases we may need to retain your information. For example, if you ask us to delete information which we are permitted by law to maintain or have legitimate interests to keep as described within this privacy policy. 

Right to data portability

You can ask us for a copy of your personal information in a machine readable format, and you have the right to transmit your information to another provider. Depending on the context (e.g. the specific information and our legal basis for processing), this right does not apply to all of your information. Upon request, we will provide you with an electronic file in machine readable format that includes your basic account profile information and content that you have submitted through User Research Projects. 

Close your account

You can close your account through your account settings or by contacting us directly as described in the Contact Us section below. In some cases we may need to retain some of your information (e.g., if necessary to meet our legal obligations, fulfill regulatory requirements, maintain security, encourse our rights, prevent fraud or abuse, or to allow you to unsubscribe from communications). We do retain de-identified information after your account has been closed. Information that you have shared with others will remain visible through the platform (e.g. survey feedback, bug reports, messages), but be re-associated with an anonymous user account.

Request that we stop accessing, storing, or using your information

You can ask us to stop accessing, storing, using, and otherwise processing your information if you think we do not have the rights to do so, or to limit our use of your information.  When you gave us consent to use your information for a limited purpose, you can withdraw that consent. If there is a delay in resolving your request, or if we dispute your request because we feel that we have the right to continue using your information, we will limit further use of your information until the dispute is resolved.

Opt out of communications

You may opt out of receiving promotional emails from us by using the unsubscribe link within each email, by changing the settings within your account, or by contacting us as described in the Contact Us section below. After you opt of receiving promotional communications, you may still receive transactional messages regarding our Services.

You may be able to opt out of personal advertisements from third party companies who participate in industry opt-outs including the Digital Advertising Alliance and others. You can learn more about your options by visiting,,, and

“Do Not Track” signals

DNT is a feature implemented in some browsers that is designed to request that websites disable tracking or cross-site tracking of individual users. Like most of the industry, we currently do not respond to DNT signals in browsers because, although efforts are underway to consider standardization of DNT by the World Wide Web Consortium, no DNT standard has been adopted and there is not yet a common understanding of how to interpret the DNT signal.

Remove or turn off cookies

You may remove or stop accepting cookies within your browser settings. Please view our Cookie Policy to learn more.

7. How we transfer information internationally

We collect and use information globally and store your information in the United States. By using our Service you expressly consent to the transfer and processing of your information in the United States. In providing our Service, we may also transfer, store, or otherwise process your information wherever our third party service providers operate, which may be a different country than where you reside and may not have data protection laws that provide the same level of protection as countries in the European Economic Area. Your consent is voluntary, and you have the right to revoke your consent by opting out at any time and discontinuing use of the service. To opt out, please contact

When we share information with third party service providers, to ensure personal data is adequately protected when transferred outside of the EU or Switzerland, we make use the of European Commission-approved Standard Contractual Clauses, binding corporate rules for transfers to data processors, or other appropriate legal mechanisms to safeguard the transfer.

8. Contact Us

You can contact us if you have questions or concerns about your information or to resolve complaints. 

Physical mail:
ErliBird Nest, Inc.
401 N Michigan Ave
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60611

If we have not addressed your question or concern satisfactorily and you are a resident of the EEA, you may contact the appropriate independent data protection authority below:

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