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How can we use the Dynamic Data survey question?
How can we use the Dynamic Data survey question?
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Dynamic Data sends different instructions/data to each tester - just add one record per line and it will distribute to each tester individually. It can be used for various use cases, such as:

  • Distribution of promo codes to be used during the test

  • Assigning users to different groups 

  • Providing test/fake credit card numbers to simulate a real purchase during the test

To use Provide Dynamic Data task type:

  1. Click Add Data

  2. Upload a file or add the data by text. Each user that is accepted into the test gets one row

  3. Use the text box to add instructions for the testers

Your test may recruit more users than actually complete testing, so it is best to add 15-25% more lines of data than the number of testers you have chosen to complete your test.

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