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What are the different ways I can select testers for my test?
What are the different ways I can select testers for my test?
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When building your tests, you can target your ideal audience through 4 different methods: the BetaTesting community, your community, invite by email, or invite by URL.

BetaTesting Community

This option lets you invite people from our full tester community.

  1. Adjust and set the different demographic criteria according to your targeting requirements, including location, age, gender, income, and more.

  2. Include additional questions in the Screener tab for further refined targeting.

  3. Testers who match your demographic criteria will be invited by email and those who choose to participate and pass your screening questions will receive your test instructions and surveys

Your Community

This option allows you to retarget people who have participated in your tests previously. You can choose from:

  1. Your entire audience: everyone who has participated in a previous test you've run

  2. Invite from past tests: choose specific tests to only re-invite testers who participated in those tests.

  3. Invite via Tags: Only testers who match a tag you've assigned to them will be invited

  4. Invite specific testers: Select testers individually to invite

NOTE: Retargeting testers does not guarantee that they will participate again. It is up to each tester to decide if they would like to continue testing, based on incentives, timing, previous experience with your product, etc.

Invite via Email

Use this option to invite your own users via email. You can add email addresses as a list and your users will be invited when the test launches. They will still have to pass any screening questions you ask, and will have to onboard through BetaTesting with a username and password before getting access to your test.

Invite via URL

Use this option to share your test via URL within your app, on social media, or through an email newsletter to invite your audience to join your test.

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