Beta Tests are in-depth tests over the course of days, usually one week. It’s designed for engagement processes that naturally occur over some period of time. You can target your ideal audience through demographic targeting, and a screening survey for refined targeting on any criteria: interests, lifestyle, etc.

Our team works with you to setup a test design process that includes: 

  1. General or specific tasks you want testers to follow in order to use your product. More general instructions allow for more organic testing, while specific tasks are better for functional testing and bug tracking. 
  2. We help you setup survey-based feedback to track various parts of the user flow for your product (e.g. Onboarding, Use, and Final Feedback) 
  3. We recruit the right users based on your demographic requirements and launch the test once the right people have been invited. 

Please see below for additional information on test planning

How do we select criteria for targeting testers for Beta Tests?

How do we add tasks and questions to the surveys?

How can we preview our test as a tester would see it?

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