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How can I share my app with testers?
How can I share my app with testers?
How to share pre-launch and live apps across all platforms
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Mobile Apps

iOS: Pre-Launch

  • Testflight is used to distribute apps that are not live in the App Store.

  • The preferred method is to use a beta URL that is shared with testers to install the app through Testflight. After testing is complete, access can be revoked at any time.

  • Other options include collecting testers’ emails in advance and adding them to an approved list of people who have access to the app, and then sharing app access with them via email. This process usually leads to 10-20% of testers dropping out of testing.

iOS: Live in App Store

  • Testers can install app directly from App Store from a link you provide


  • Share a link via Google beta to give testers access to the app

  • Collect Google Play (gmail) email addresses as the first step in your Task / Survey builder and invite approved users via email to access the app

  • Upload an APK file of the app anywhere on the web and provide a link to the file so testers can install it on their Android devices

  • Upload an APK file directly to BetaTesting with any specific instructions to install the APK (security settings to bypass, etc)

Mobile Web

  • Testers can access any site via a mobile browser to find content or login to a non-native app

Web Apps

  • Share a link to a live site and let testers create their own login

  • Share a link to a live site and distribute test logins to each user via BetaTesting

  • Share a link to a password protected site and give users any necessary information to access the site/login.

Windows or Mac Apps

  • Download apps from the Windows App Store or Mac App Store directly

  • Share a file or link to a file online that can be installed to Windows desktop or Mac

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