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What are the ideal use cases for collecting user feedback?
What are the ideal use cases for collecting user feedback?
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User feedback is an important part of product development to help find insights about the user experience of your product. ย Our beta tests help you get high quality engagement and feedback from targeted testers. Below are some examples of ideal use cases for running beta tests:ย 

Fast Feedback - Real-world feedback about anything in your app from real-world users

Onboarding Experience - Get feedback on first impressions and learn how users first experience your app

Net Promoter Score - Track NPS with new users as you continue to iterate on your app

Sanity Check - Test your new build in the real-world and ensure the major functions still work

Unbiased Opinions - Get unbiased opinions from users that have nothing at stake

Resolve Internal Disputes - Get clear answers and resolve internal disputes with actionable data

A/B Testing - Test two different app experiences and compare the results

App Messaging - Learn how users interpret your communications and app store listings

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