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What are the deliverables of each test?
What are the deliverables of each test?
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The deliverables of each test are based on the instructions you set for testers to complete. For most tests those would include:

  • Survey responses in text and chart form with the ability to filter results by demographics, devices, and more.

  • Exports of all your survey data with the option to add tester demographic data and screening question data linked to those responses.

  • Collection of bug reports with screenshots and video

  • Messages with participants

  • High quality video/audio recordings of each user's test session can be included in your test

  • Any screenshots you've asked testers to upload

  • All test data and videos can be downloaded to zip files and Excel

  • Moderated interviews can be coordinated with testers

We also provide test analysis and recommendations, created by the BetaTesting team, for specific projects where that has been purchased in advance of the test.

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