Basic and Standard Plans

Our Basic and Standard plans make it easy to run quick tests to collect bugs, videos, or survey feedback. Tests are single-session, and you can determine how long a tester needs to spend participating in the session.

Each plan has limitations around how many tests you can run per month and how many testers can be targeted per test, which you can see on our Pricing page.

Our Pro plan allows you to run multiple session beta tests with up to 25 testers, usually over the course of multiple days or up to 1 week. It includes basic demographic targeting, with survey-based feedback, videos, and bug reporting included. This is ideal for products or tests where you need testers to use the product over multiple days, or perform different actions through different task sets during the test period.

Our team reviews your test design and helps you make any changes prior to launch.

An in-depth test over the course of days, weeks, or months with larger groups of testers (50+). Managed tests give you a full range of services from our team: expedited setup and launch, test design, test management and communication with testers, and final analysis and reports of the feedback received during the test.  The focus is typically a combination of user experience feedback and bug testing, but this can be customized according to your needs. 

This test allows you to target your ideal audience through more advanced demographic targeting, and a screening survey for refined targeting on any criteria: interests, lifestyle, etc. We can also do custom recruiting to find groups outside of our core audience for your test. 

Managed tests are necessary for hardware products, fintech products where sensitive data is shared, crypto projects, and more.

All tests across all plans require zero code integrations and works at any product stage, on every major platform (iOS, Android, Web, Mac or Windows).

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