The process to get started with a Beta Test may vary depending on your specific requirements, but see below to get a general idea for the steps involved:

Pro and Basic Plans: $149-$499 per month

  1. Sign-up for a plan on our Pricing page.

  2. Choose your test type (survey, bugs, or videos).

  3. Build your test details

  4. Choose your demographic targeting.

  5. Complete billing and payment.

  6. Your test is launched with qualified testers invited and feedback provided within 24-72 hours.

Managed Testing: Pricing based on quote

  1. You schedule a discovery call / demo of our platform where we learn about your goals and objectives and answer any questions you might have

  2. In case of custom campaigns we would follow up with a recap of our conversation and a proposal 

  3. You plan and design the test process. We’re happy to help you as much as you need. Often times our clients start with a draft, and we help provide suggestions and best practices. For our managed tests, we can design the entire test if you prefer

  4. You preview the test and invite your team members as admins to help manage the test

  5. Complete payment. Pay directly through our platform with a credit card, or we can issue an invoice for ACH / wire / credit card payment.

  6. We formally review and approve test (typically within hours).

  7. We launch the test and recruiting testers begins immediately. Testers begin using your product and providing feedback throughout the test process.

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